The Used Book Cafe !

The waiter, who only spoke to us in French must have actually understood us as he arrived a moment later with exactly what we’d ordered … two bowls of taboule aux legumes du marche and a bottle of rose wine.

Holy shit…I think we’re finally French! 

Used Book Cafe
111 Boulevard Beaumarchais

3rd arrondissement

Telescope !

Earlier today I fell in love.

The most gorgeous vintage teapot, made in France, is now settled snuggly in my suitcase.  With its gorgeous flower detail and dark green leather handle, I handed my 30 euro over to the old French monsieur who’s cigarette hung comfortably and expertly out the side of his mouth.

Only in France.

To celebrate my new love - we ordered our third coffee of the day.  In fact, it turned out to be the best coffee of the day.

5 Rue Villedo
75001  Paris

2nd Arrondissement

My Birthday Lunch - in Paris !

This is where I celebrate my birthday when I'm in Paris.  I love that I can say that.  

It's my third time here and the food is still as delicious as the day I first tasted it.

Four simple courses.  No choices.  Just whatever is fresh from the market that morning.

My favourite today was the beginning and the end.....

.... creamy sweet potato soup ....

.... and pistachio panna cotta.  Oh mon dieu.

Happy birthday to me!