21 March 2014

Inside-Out Bread !

How often is it that you find a recipe that does exactly what it promises?  If you haven't found one of those for a while then your luck has changed right here and now with this gorgeous little recipe.

Basically, it's a bread stuffed full of all those yummy toppings you would normally pop into your sandwich.  It's pretty much idiot proof and a full meal in every one slice.  How good is that?

Another thing I promise you will LOVE about this recipe is that you can slice it up, freeze it, and then pull it straight from the freezer to the toaster and voila....your breakfast is done! 

Inside-Out Bread
(adapted slightly from the I Quit Sugar for Life Cookbook)

I love it toasted, hot and smothered in butter!


  1. Finally, I have another use for the bottle of apple cider vinegar I needed a couple of teaspons of for my red velvet cake all those years ago! Minus the bacon for me, this sounds yummy. Love a freezable goodie.

  2. I've been eating this almost daily for breakfast and it keeps me going all the way through to lunchtime. I love it! I LOVE apple cider vinegar and tend to use it on salads instead of lemon juice lately. I also have it in warm water every morning - great pick me up!


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